ChongQing Boiled Beef

ChongQing Boiled Beef
It's a very well-know Sichuan dish (Executed by Chef He Mingbo from ChongQing). This dish has a special numbing spicy taste with extremely tender texture.
Now we are showing the trick to slice the beef.
Before starting the knife, we need first understand the fiber direction. The knife need to go against the fiber direction to cut off the fiber. Otherwise, beef will loose the tender texture and hard to flavor.

Traditional roasted sucking pig
Hi everyone, I am Chef Chen from Oriental City. I would like to show you how to cook roasted sucking pig in tradition way.
Ingredients: sucking pig (8kg), sucking pig sauce, rice wine and spiced salt 
1. Cut & divide the sucking Pig into an equal position, rub salt with special made sucking pig sauce inside the pig and leave it aside for around one hour.
2.  Put the sucking pig on the roast oven and rotates it regularly with suitable time interval. To ensure the crispy skin result on the sucking pig, a good combination on timing with fire control is critical. In general, a 45 minutes roasting session will be needed for a tasteful crispy sucking pig.

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