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Oriental City Amsterdam was founded in 1973 and has 50 years of cultural heritage and historical accumulation so far. Since its establishment, Oriental City Amsterdam has been known among Dutch Chinese, locals, and tourists for its authentic Cantonese dishes and flavors. For half a century, we have been adhering to our original aspiration and unremitting operation, and constantly pursuing new expressions of Cantonese cuisine culture on the basis of inheriting the traditions. Oriental City Amsterdam keeps pace with the times and improves over time, and has now become one of the most distinctive and prestigious Cantonese restaurants in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Since 1973

In 1973, Oriental City Amsterdam was established in the center of Amsterdam. With its authentic Cantonese dishes and flavors, Oriental City Amsterdam quickly won a place in the hearts of Dutch Chinese, locals, and tourists from around the globe.

When we began

In 1996, the famous movie Young and Dangerous 3 chose to shoot at the entrance of Oriental City Amsterdam. The stylish and iconic exterior of Oriental City Amsterdam stayed in the memory of the audiences together with the classic scene of the movie. Since then, countless Chinese and foreign tourists have come here to dine and check in on social media.

Film ‘Young and Dangerous 3’

In 2013, Oriental City  Amsterdam was invited to be the Chinese food consultant of KLM and provide a two-year (2013-2015) meal plan for business and economy class on all KLM flights from Amsterdam to China. This partnership marks the wide recognition of Oriental City Amsterdam in the Chinese food industry in the Netherlands and is an important milestone in the development of Oriental City.

Partnership with KLM

In 2023, Oriental City Amsterdam celebrates its 50th anniversary. With decades of diligent work and quality assurance, as well as bold attempts to continuously innovate, Oriental City Amsterdam has now become one of the most famous Chinese restaurants in the Netherlands, with many customers and rave reviews.

50th Anniversary
Core Value
Cantonese cuisine

Taking ‘Taste’, ‘Gathering’ and ‘Heritage’ as the core values, we are committed to providing customers with authentic and delicious Cantonese tastes and a cozy environment for getting-togethers, inheriting and innovating Cantonese cuisine culture and constantly promoting Chinese food culture.

Interior Design

The interior design of Oriental City Amsterdam is unique and full of Chinese characteristics, with the traditional Chinese red as the main color scheme, and the simple yet elegant lanterns, lightings and wooden tables and chairs. For we believe that the display and inheritance of food culture requires the mutual echo and complementation of the taste as well as the dining environment. Therefore, from tableware and plate setting to lighting and seating, from food production to interior decoration, Oriental City Amsterdam strives for perfection in every detail, dedicated to creating the enjoyable dining experience of ‘one table, two chairs, one cup (of tea) and two pieces (of Dim Sum), three or five confidants’.

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