Oriental City Supports Charities
23.2014 Dec

Recently, when you pass by Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, you will see a multi-storey poster hanging in the outfield of the famous New Church, with the word "Ming" on it. This is the first time the Netherlands has exhibited China including 24 national treasures. Authentic Ming Dynasty cultural relics. Mr. Yang Huagen, the executive director of Oriental City Restaurant, was obliged to support and sponsor this event. In addition to buying Taiwan, he also actively donated money and provided more high-quality food for the event. That night, Keigo, the executive chef of Oriental City, led the kitchen team to carry boxes of ingredients to the new church to make delicious meals for the dinner on the spot. In addition to the delicious Chinese dim sum sponsored by Oriental City, the guests can also taste the charity dinner head bowl carefully prepared by Oriental City.

Over the past 20 years, Oriental City has spared no effort to support public welfare and charitable causes, and every Christmas, it provides Christmas dinner to the elderly without interruption. On December 16, Oriental City served a warm and unforgettable Christmas dinner to the elders of the community center "De Boomsspijker", carefully prepared a variety of delicacies and organized a wonderful dinner. This dedication is commendable. For more than 20 years, Oriental City has insisted on doing charity and reporting to the society, which is even more worthy of admiration.

In order to prepare the annual Christmas dinner, Oriental City has conducted in-depth research on the meals of the elderly, and carefully matched a set of meals with less oil, less salt, less sugar, easy to digest and balanced nutrition. All dishes must be cut into small pieces, and the bones removed....... Everything contains love. The whole dinner party is full of warmth. The happy smiles of the elders are the biggest satisction for Oriental City.

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