The typhoon shelter crab-Delicious not to be missed!
16.2022 Sep

Autumn is the season for seafood in the year, and it is also the season to eat crabs!

Crabmeat is rich in protein, trace elements and other nutrients, which have a good nourishing effect.

The typhoon shelter crab is a seafood dish in Hong Kong that impresses with its spicy flavor. The main ingredient is crab caught that day from the sea and stir-fried with a sauce mixed with garlic, scallions, tempeh, chili and lemongrass.

Our chefs from Hong Kong used the most authentic method, served with our secret charred garlic, which is crisp but not sticky. The garlic flavor is combined with spicy and soy sauce, and cooked with crab, the taste is harmonious, delicious and rich. The crabmeat has so soft, delicate and sweet taste.

Delicious not to be missed!

Located in the most lively and bustling heart of Amsterdam, Oriental City Amsterdam is a high-quality Cantonese restaurant with a profound cultural heritage and innovative expressions. We specialize in Dim Sum, seafood, roasted meats (siu mei), and Cantonese food. Under the value of 'Taste, Gathering, Heritage', it is a pleasant journey to enjoy the most authentic Cantonese Cuisine at Oriental City.


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