Chinese Sponge Cake
30.2022 Sep

A visit to a dim sum restaurant is not complete without a proper dessert to close the meal. Do you have your favourite sweet treat? If not, then try this Chinese sponge cake!

This Chinese sponge cake is also called Malay sponge cake. It was adapted from a British dessert during the colonial period in Malaysia and subsequently brought to China by Chinese immigrants.

This steamed cake is airy, moist, fluffy with a gentle touch of sweetness. The use of light brown sugar made it taste richer and has a lovely light caramelised colour, the use of butter offers a melt-in-the mouth texture. It is classically served amongst other dim sum treats and gives a contrast in flavours and textures.

Tips: Traditionally, these Chinese sponge cakes are steamed in a bamboo steamer. This ensures the cake rises light and puffy, and smelling wonderful. So, you will need some patience and time when making this ever-popular treat. But we promise, it will be so worth it!

Located in the most lively and bustling heart of Amsterdam, Oriental City Amsterdam is a high-quality Cantonese restaurant with a profound cultural heritage and innovative expressions. We specialize in Dim Sum, seafood, roasted meats (siu mei), and Cantonese food. Under the value of 'Taste, Gathering, Heritage', it is a pleasant journey to enjoy the most authentic Cantonese Cuisine at Oriental City.


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