Want to become a Yum cha Master?
14.2022 Oct

Possibly the most popular eats in the Chinese culture is Dim sum, which means, “little snacks.” It is well known for its unique serving style. Dim sum dishes are very similar in portion to tapas. Dim sum is a great way to catch up with friends and family. The dishes are meant to be shared, so you can try a lot of different Dim sums.

Start Dim sum time with a cup of tea, then order anything around it. Drinking tea with Yum cha is essential because it aids digestion.

In oriental, we offer 6 types of tea: Jasmine Tea, Pu’er tea, Tie Guanyin(Oolong Tea), Longjing Tea, Shoumei tea(White tea) and Chrysanthemum tea(Flower Tea).

Tip:More tea? There is no need to call the waiter

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